…. most of the thoughts and innovations that occured to me, happened while I was sitting on the terrace top. That probably makes me an adventurer ….”Β  ~ UNKNOWN

The Author is an Engineer by profession, but he believes, more than the education, it was his experiences in life that taught him the lessons of living. He is an ardent traveller and has travelled across the many states of India. He is proud to come from a country that is so rich, colourful and vibrant and known for its diverse cultures and traditions, but is equally afraid that these aspects don’t fade away.

On the outside front, he loves bicycling and that has given him the opportunity to be close to the nature. He has a strong passion for Photography, but until now doesn’t personally own a camera πŸ˜‰Β  [Update : He has slowly started leasing aΒ  DSLR whenever possible to express this beautiful Art !! :D] He is very keen on adventure, and also on meeting people fromΒ  different cultures and helping them know India better. Although, quite content with how life has treated him until now, he is in the quest for the purpose of Life. Sometime back, an incident happened and maybe that gave him some good reasons to believe this to be his second life. He likes to learn a new thing every new day, and believes ‘Perfection’ is a word only in the dictionary. If you think you are ‘Perfect’, you have ceased to learn. He tries to see views from the different sides [although at most times, he himself is confusedΒ  :D] He respects every being, no matter what. Creative minded people turns him on. He adores pets and animals. But most importantly, he loves to be happy and smiling most of the time …. πŸ˜€