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The Hornster, a brainchild of Yannick Read, developed by the Environmental Transport Association (ETA), was specially made to focus on the dangers faced by cyclists on the urban city roads.



The Hornster bike uses a three-bell Airchime KH3A air horn that’s used on trains. It derives all its power from a SCUBA tank placed between the handlebars and the seat. A full-sized tank rests between the cyclists legs. The reason that this could prove out to be harmful on-road is, at 178dB, it is way more louder than the Concorde superset. Anything over 140dB is enough to cause an ear damage, so it’s practically quite irresponsible to use this in a crowded street. Why then was it made you ask? Well this is what Yannick Read had to say:

He stated, “The same quietness that makes bicycles such a civilised way of getting around makes them vulnerable to inattentive motorists – the Hornster is a wake-up call for drivers who don’t pay attention to bikes.

Whether his point is justified or not, this hornster is going to pose some serious trouble to the remaining drivers.


Change of Diet

Ever heard of Pelican eating a Pigeon ?

Sadly, both kittens you are about to see have died due to some breathing failure. They died a few months after they were born, at the end of October 2010. RIP, Charlie and Spike.

The two kittens had a rare disease called Myotonia congenita, also known as ‘fainting goat’ syndrome, more common for goats. The disease had never been found in cats before. At the slightest sound or movement, the kittens responded by collapsing into a rigid paralysis which typically lasted for one minute until they returned to normal.


Is this Real ??

A diver finds a giant anaconda on the bottom of the Amazon river. I could not imagine the snake can be so massive in size.

What kinda caterpillar is this ??

Hawaii’s Carnivorous caterpillar that camouflages itself with the surroundings.

I can well see where Humanity is heading to. 😥
Real Sad !!


Bizarre’s the Word !!

Here are some wills that people wrote, that are bizzarely infamous 😮

— A woman in Cherokee County, North Carolina left her entire estate to God. The court instructed the county sheriff to find the beneficiary. A few days later, the sheriff returned and submitted his report: “After due and diligent search, God cannot be found in this county.

— An Australian named Francis R. Lord left one shilling to his wife “for tram fare so she can go somewhere and drown her- self.” The inheritance was never claimed.

— Edgar Bergen, famed ventriloquist, left $10,000 to the Actor’s Fund of America – so they could take care of his dummy, Charlie McCarthy, and put him in a show once a year. They went along with it.

— Ms. Eleanor Ritchey, the unmarried granddaughter of the founder of Quaker State Oil, died in 1968 with an estate worth around $12 million. According to Scott Bieber in Trusts and Estates magazine: “Under her will, she left over 1,700 pairs of shoes and 1,200 boxes of stationery to the Salvation Army. The rest of the estate went to the dogs.” Real dogs, he means – a pack of 150 strays that Ritchey had adopted as pets.

— An attorney in France left $10,000 to “a local madhouse.” The gentleman declared that “it was simply an act of restitution to his clients.

— Sandra West, a wealthy 37-year-old Beverly Hills socialite, left most of her $3 million estate to her brother – provided he made sure she was buried “in my lace nightgown and my Ferrari, with the seat slanted comfortably.” That’s how she was buried. The Ferrari was surrounded with concrete so no one would be tempted to dig it up and drive away.

— Robert Louis Stevenson, author of Treasure Island, tried to leave his birthday. He willed it to a good friend who’d complained that since she was born on Christmas, she never got to have a real birthday celebration.

— When American patriot Patrick Henry died, everything he owned was left to his wife – as long as she never married again. If she did, he forfeited the whole thing. “It would make me unhappy,” he explained, “to feel I have worked all my life only to support another man’s wife!” She remarried anyway.

How London died, once …

London, beginning of the 19th century. Industrial revolution, massive population growth. First flushing toilets appear. City council is no longer capable of maintaining the numerous cesspools in the city and takes the decision to stop maintaining them.

In 1815, human waste from more than 200,000 cesspools is washed away into the river Thames, the source of drinking water. Consequently, London starts dying of cholera. Later, in 1858, during a very hot summer, all London stinks. Big time.

This time is known as The Great Stink.
Whoever could, left the London. Life for the rest was tough though. People died on the streets, hospitals were over-filled.