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Hey Folks,

Many of you might be wondering, why I wasn’t blogging regularly and not updating you all with exciting and funny information the last couple of days.
I was working of this project called ‘Hopping Across Cultures‘.

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Finally, I am so happy and excited to announce this blog. 🙂 In a nutshell, Hopping Across Cultures is my take on my experiences in Photography and travel, and all the behind the scene stories.
I hope it gives you the same amount of pleasure and happiness as it does to me in writing it.


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Corning Incorporated, known famously for the Gorilla-glass technology has made yet another video called “A Day Made of Glass 2” after their last year’s video showing Corning’s interpretation of the future. If you haven’t seen the earlier video, watch it here.


Here’s the “A Day Made of Glass 2” video, along-with the guidance of how it works / will work in the future.


To watch only the video, without the guidance, watch it below :


So, what do you conclude ??

:: My Conclusion : The best profession for the Future —-> Glass Cleaner  😀



Thanks Youtube !!

Most people aren’t born Dancers, they evolve into Dancers. All you need is something in your heart you want to express.

There were moments that shook the World in 2011. Some News-makers … and then, some News-breakers.
Here are some.

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And, then here are some more .

Danke !! Coca Cola …

I am sure my kid will break all the glasses. He likes playing Football 😀

Know Your Rights !!